Norwegian Church Asylum as your Last Resort

Norway normally have pretty nice Immigration Laws when it comes to Women who are facing Forced Marriage in their Home Country. However, every now and then, we slip through too. If you’re facing deportation, and you cannot go home, due to risks for your safety, then you can actually enter any church in Norway, and plea for a Church Asylum.

Once you’re inside the Church, the Norwegian Police CANNOT legally arrest you, to deport you. And if you bring an iPhone, you can lead your own Immigration Case on YouTube, as long as you can upload videos unto YouTube from the church you’ve chosen.

Of course, to live in a church, 24/7, not being able to leave it, without being arrested, is pretty stressful. However, as a last resort, it might save your life.

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We are a group of dedicated people, who believe in that the World cannot be free, before sex-molestation and systematic rape, through Forced Marriages, cease to exist. If you need our help, either to escape a Forced Marriage, or for a friend who is in trouble, then please let us know, by writing an email to – And we will contact you, and help you!